Hi there,

I purchased an AZ2002 on November 8th, 2021 from Amazon and recently, the red indicator light has been going off and the brush roll isnt moving. I called support and they watched the video live to see what was happening.

They said that the floor nozzle needed to be replaced and that is not covered by the warranty. However, looking at my warranty, it should be because Ive had this vacuum less than 6 months, alone, and havent done anything to cause this defect to occur. I need to vacuum desperately so I paid for the part but I wanted to inquire about why I am being charged for this piece despite what the warranty says?

To be honest, I didnt dive too deep with this question with the rep on the phone because of the language barrier.

So I apologize for sending it now and appreciate any sort of insight or response on the matter. Thank you!

Location: Olathe, Kansas

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