I am attempting to contact corporate, this is complete B.S! I own 6 shark vacuums.

1 navigator, 2 Rotators, 2 lift away due clean and the Apex. I also own the shark steam mop. Up until today I obviously have been quite pleased with shark and when I had my cleaning business I actually convinced 90% of my clients to purchase shark vacuums, the quality was amazing and the customer service was even better! I would often get responses such as I am not spending that much money on a vacuum cleaner as to which I would reply You get what you pay for!

On top of that Shark 100% stands behind their products! BOOM sold! In the past yes I have had problems with my vacuums, just like anything else nothing is perfect. Would take 1 phone call to Shark and just as I mentioned above they stood behind their product!

You may be asking yourself why I own so many vacuum cleaners, well please let me explain. I have Spina Bifida and live in a 3 story home. My first vacuum was the Rotater my second was the navigator. Having spinal problems means I cannot lift or push anything real heavy so I kept a vacuum on each level of my previous home.

We bought our new home and as a housewarming gift my mother bought me the duo clean. I seen the difference in weight and purchased my second duo clean. 2 years ago I bought the apex as a birthday gift to myself. I gifted one of my rotators to my sister.

Now heres where the problem begins. The clip that attaches to the handle of my navigator broke, didnt worry to much because I had several others. Then my apex started making random noises when the brush turns. Again I wasnt in a hurry to call because I still was able to have a vacuum on each level.

Now anyone that has owned a duo clean can testify that yes its a great vacuum however the hose above the head until tends to melt. Shark has replaced both head units no problem. However now both of my duos have melted hoses I just got off the phone with customer service which by the way took them 4 days to call me back. And I was told that the noise coming from my head unit is normal wear and tear and I can purchase another one uuummmm what?

So you mean to tell me that I spent close to $500.00 on a vacuum and there is a problem with the motor (yes I can take apart any shark vacuum and usually fix them within a matter of seconds! So yes I already knew it was the motor) so again please explain to me 1 when exactly did Shark stop standing behind their products? 2 when did customer service became such a hassle? 3 how exactly is a motor problem normal wear and tear?

This is absolutely unacceptable! And what ever lady I spoke to must be out side her dam mind if she thinks that I am going to pay for another head unit after I already paid close to $500.00 for my vacuum! Now I will say this, I told the customer service lady this and I will say it here because I do actually stand by my word, if this company does not stand behind their products any longer I will purchase absolutely nothing else from them! As well as I will be calling all 287 of my clients and letting them know that this company no longer backs their products.

I am not understanding why this is so incredibly complicated to get a hold of somebody outside of whoever I spoke to in customer service!

My next step is contacting The BBB. I have well over $2,000.00 worth of vacuums cleaners and 1 of them works!


NV801 QO5F6605Z9A2

AX912 S25F4OA9A9K1

NV358 31 9****34

NV501 31 4****50 (my only working vacuum)

317****. SM20011 (nothing wrong with mop)

Would you like me to provide you with the serial numbers on my Shark coffee maker and my Ninjas? Because I can!

I am almost positive that I can probably pay my dam house off with the amount of money I have invested in your products!

And now that I have waisted 3 hrs of my day after waiting 4 days for a call back!

I have 4 children and 2 dogs would you like for me to send you my doctor bill that I will now need from having to push around my heavy Rotater vacuum the past week and from hauling out all of these vacuum cleaners to provide your horrible customer service people with model numbers just to be told that the 7 year warranty on my newest vacuum does NOT include normal wear and tear again! THE MOTOR NOT PROPERLY WORKING IS NOT NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR!

User's recommendation: Run away!

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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