I/we have purchased 4-6 Shark vacs dating back to at least 2018, all upright. Also, please check the warranty requests on "broken parts".

ALL PLASTIC breakage! Our last purchase, the Apex (Feb 2021) model seemed as if you had finally squared away the plastic breakage on key parts. WRONG. Since our purchase, the Mickey mouse hinges on the dust cup broke, it was replaced, they have broken again.

Yet, the cable says: "Lift here" on the handle of the dust cup. The roller pins for the microscopic wheels have been broken since the first 6 mos. I was able to Rube Goldberg a fix. The wand release tab has broken at the plastic collar, so making it impossible to use.

These plastic items have ALL been the issue with each model. Stress points, load points, and any connection point are not for a cheap, plastic component.

Especially when I can recount at least $1000.00 + being spent in total for 4 units, the last of which(Apex) was in excess of $400.00.

NEVER, NEVER again will I/we purchase a Shark product, not will I ever recommend the product. Shame on your engineers for designing EARLY, programmed antiquity.

I would LOVE to hear from a Senior supervisor, hoping sincerely the response is NOT the typical, corporate platitude.

John and Cindy Sargeant

User's recommendation: Examine the "CRITICAL " Parts, stress points..if PLASTC, BEWARE.

Location: Woodbine, Maryland

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