Shark Uv560 Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

I'm own a Shark Rotator series and there are two little tiny gray wheels on the front of the head. They are held in place by a small lightweight axel about the diameter of a fork tine. That little axle snaps and the whole vacuum is basically junk at that point. You have to order a whole new motorized head which is $83. They sent me one under warranty and it lasted 6 months and I just got another one for the cost of shipping. But when I have to...
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We bought a Shark Rotator (Model UV560) on eBay; the dealer didn't say it had been returned but we saw his/her name written on the directions (purchased from Costco; now I know what happens to all of the returned items that Costco takes with no questions asked!). So, I put it together, plugged it in, and NOTHING happened. So, I called Shark Customer Service and they nice lady told me that the 5-year warranty is only for the ORIGINAL purchaser,...
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I didn't like
  • Customer un-service
  • Warranty