I called customer service on 10/11/2021. The first agent informed me my Ion Flex (IF251) flour nozzle is covered under warranty.

A wheel broke off. He said he is sending a new one and put me on hold to acces his shipping screen. The call got disconnected and I called back.

I reached another agent identified as Juan Garcia, employee number 133****. Juan said the first agent is wrong and its not covered.

Juan refused to let me speak with a supervisor or manager. He stated its the company policy to not allow customers to speak with managers or supervisor.

I told Juan to listen to the first call from their recordings between the first agent and me.

Juan refused. He stated he is the only one that can help me and he will sell me the part at a discount.

This part is covered by the warranty and Juan is damaging the company by refusing to honor the advertising warranty.

I filed a Better Business Complaint and I adamantly ask for management to take appropriate discipline on Juan and ask fir both phone call recording be reviewed that will verify the above information.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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