I am having a love/hate relationship with my Shark HZ2002. I love the easy to use style but there are several things I hate.

It has no side suction,I really need the side suction. On an uncarpeted floor it does not pick up all the dirt, it also throws it out all over the floor. My husband calls it the scatter machine. If the sponge filter is not cleaned after two uses it is so loud that my pets run and hide.

This is my third Shark and I must say this is the worst one I have ever owned. I am totally disappointed in this product. I must use it because I shared my other two with friends and the vaccumns are still working.

I am tempted to ask for one back. Come on Shark, where is the great run forever vaccumns you are famous for?

Patricia Nowlin

Chattanooga Tn

Shark Pros: Easy to handle.

Shark Cons: Throws dirt out on bare floors, It is very loud and no edge cleaner.

Location: Chattanooga, Tennessee

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