I got this shark vacuum 1 year ago I used it 7 times because I have a house cleaner come to my home once a week so I used it on some weekends well I was doing my floor one Saturday and I started getting shocks for the handle I wrapped a rag around the handle and still got shocked I put my shoes on and still got shocked I took my shoes off and still got shocked so I called a guy to fix his vacuums and told him what was going on and he told me to get in touch with shark because that vacuum is very defaulting it could cause a fire or kill me so I called shark and got absolutely nowhere my email is DeCarlo 64@***.com my phone number is 412-770-**** I would like a new vacuum cleaner and Ill give them this one that Shox you back if you can help me I deeply appreciate that thank you

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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