Hello, I called Customer service today and explained my situation about my Shark I Purchased on 6/25/21 at Sams club! I spend the first 30 minutes on a video call explaining what the sweeper is doing.

She then tells me ok she will speak with her team. Gets back on the call and says she will have to send me a replacement sweeper. Fine. Then she asked to do another video call.

I spend 1 hour on the phone with this lady for her to then tell me shes sending me a replace part for motor that I will have to fix myself and pay for shipping and handling!!!! RIDICULOUS! I then I ask for supervisor which she tells me is not available!!! I spent a lot of money on this sweeper to break 3 months later (not my fault) with a warrant and not be able to switch sweepers out!

Not a very happy customer! I need a call ASAP please with someone who can help me!

Location: Marietta, Ohio

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