1. I ordered a pressure cooker replacement lid for 8.5qt foodi.

2. I ordered accessories inc. cookbk. 3.

I got charged for 2 lids & accessories but got none. 4. I got accessories. 5.

I got told no refund until I got the lid. 6. I never got the lid. 7.

I got told that was because a 2nd one was sent since the 1st was lost & now the warehouse is out of stock. And none will be avail. 'til end o Jan. 8.

I bought elsewhere. 9. A lid arrived! Its the wrong lid & too late!

10. The foodi I bought elsewhere arrived broken! I returned it since 3rd party Amazon arranged. 11.

I want to return lid, accessories, & cookbk to you & recieve a full refund: Approx amounts $55.xx and $62.xx. At this writing I haven't re-checked. You might've partly refunded already. 12.

You're getting there but too slow. The gal for whom this was a gift bought a new 6 qt & accessories for $80, new, on Offer Up because she got tired of waiting for me. I need to refund so I can still have it be a gift from me. 13.

Great product! I constantly find new ways to use it. It is because of mine that 3 people from my household have bought their own. This was the 1st time I tried to gift one.

Amazon customer service is far superior to yours. They not only train call center employees to apologize and politely withstand angry customers but they offer financial apologies too. You guys made me wait and wait and go through all this losing the final sale entirely for yourselves & making me wonder about buying again once knock-offs get better. Too bad as I prefer buying direct from inventors and manufacturers when I can.

I hate that Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Facebook & Twitter run the world along with the Credit Reporting agencies. I'd much rather individual business owners, individuals, whole individual companies, and our representatives did that.

Your way of handling the situation and me does not bode well. I am no longer pissed; but I am flat.

User's recommendation: But in a store and make sure you get all you want right at the beginning.

Location: Sacramento, California

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