I have a shark vacuum Rotator that I love and best vacuum I ever had! Therefore when I started working 60-70 hours per week I purchased a shark ibot (850) it has been wonderful until recently, The red light comes on saying clean, and my message on my online/phone says dust cap missing.

However the dust cap is on the system and is pushed in properly. I have cleaned all sensor lights, i have changed the filter, replaced it with a new one, i have emptied the bin, and even brushed it out, cleaned it very good. The ibot will then run for amount a minute and again stops and flashed red "clean" i get the same message "dust cap missing" i have kept this ibot well maintained, clean and it has not been abused. When I contacted your customer service rep she was nice but i could tell she read off a script and only had trouble shooting ideas i had already done.

Then told me the item seems to be an interior problem, my warranty is expired, sorry...Is it usual for a well maintained ibot to only last two years? I am hesitate to purchase another one since I babied this one and have this problem nor can i afford to spend this kind of money that often. I live in rural Oklahoma and cannot find repair place nearby... Yes i am worried about shipping it off as in the past i shipped a very expensive pool cleaner off and never got it back .

Do you know how I can fix my IBOT please I did see where i can purchase a new dust cap for $29.00 but was not sure this would fix the issue, I appreciate any suggestions. Thank you

Location: Dallas, Texas

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