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I purchased a shark vacuem cleaner some months ago. I live on my own so as you can imagine certainly not used excessively. Put my vacuem on this morning to find it's no longer working.. Very disappointed..can you help the date code is 1915A Very disappointed, was quite happy when it was working too. I live in a bungalow so have no stairs to contend with. Just all of a sudden decided to stop.. Electricity is getting to it but just not picking... Read more

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Be ware of buying any of sharks product's, this is going on face book. had their vacuum only 7 mounts used it about 20 times, the beater brush stopped working, took it all apart, come to find out that the motor took a ***. I called the company on a Sunday , they said I would have a new part within 3 to 5 business days, guess what after 5 days no part. just called to day witch is Friday, and they say it will be next week some time.well that's... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 28
  • #908766

Few years back paid for one on tv but only got the attments no vacuum and I let that go went in store bought one only to have it shock the living *** out of me and wife

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  • Aug 08
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I bought a shark navigator lift away pro. Was getting shocked every time I used it. Took it back and got another one, only to have the same problem. I was told not to wear polyester clothes. Really ? So if that's all I wear I shouldn't buy their vacuum. Hmmm. Just fix the problem ! Poor customer service. I will return this vacuum and never buy another Shark product.

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In the past 3 years I've gone through 3 Shark Irons. All died for the same reason, the auto-shut off won't reset. At first, I thought it was me, that I was abusing the iron, but in last one, which I purchased from Target just this past Feb/March. It started blinking red while I was actually ironing (the iron was not standing still). Then It cut off. I was done ironing anyway, so I thought nothing of it. I unplugged it, and put it away. The next... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 13
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Shark professional are junk after a year, I will never buy a shark of nothing or no kind of shark, just ask a lot of money for what three junk sweeps that I have bought

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I have purchased 2 vacuums from them and each lasted no more than 16 months customer service is horrible and the vacuum is not built to last at all and the company does not stand by warranty when attempting to call all I got is someone who could care less and tried to instruct me on cleaning vacuum Further they do not allow to talk to anyone in management I have waited over and hour to talk with someone in most... Read more

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We've had No Problems with Shark's Custmer Service. My daughter used our address to have the newest vaccuum delivered. When it didn't arrive I called. The young lady that took my call was polite and very understanding. I do not know what happened to the first vaccuum sent here, but I do know someone took a box for a gas grill from our porch. I would of loved to see their face when they opened it. After my husband put the grill together, he put... Read more

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I have purchased two of Sharks Irons and both have stopped working before a year has past. After reading so many complaints on this company I will not waste my time contacting them. While attempting to Iron my clothing for the up coming week my Iron just stopped working, there was no warning it has not been dropped or damaged in any way this was the Shark Professional 1800 watt Iron. This is my second shark Iron that stopped working the first... Read more

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I used to love my vacuum until I had to call customer service. The roller quit spinning mid vacuum. The agent was rude and impatient and did not explain why she was asking for the info that she was. Turned out my number did not bring up my account but I didn't know that until the very end. I was very frustrated at the beginning of the call, partly because my vacuum wasn't working, I was disconnected after several minutes on hold and then I got a... Read more

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